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Post-exam review

The Institute of Political Science organises inspections of written exams (Klausuren) in political science. This applies for all course programmes that include political science exams.

Inspections are possible in the following modules:

Bachelor and Teaching Studies:

  • Modules 05101-05104 as well as 05111 / Basismodule I-III
  • Qualitative Methoden: Logik und Qualitative Forschung (06301) / Ergänzungsmodul Methoden Politikwissenschaft


  • Core Modules Political Science (Master) I, II, III and V as well as Supplementary Module Interdisziplinäre Sozialwissenschaft

Registration for post-exam review

First of all, registering for the post-exam review is mandatory. An ILIAS online form (see link below) is available during the application period.

After the end of the application period, no further request for inspections are possible. Requests for inspections of earlier semesters are not taken into consideration. Applicants will be informed in time via mail about place and time of the inspection.

See Dates and Deadlines for the registration period (will be published in February/July, respectively). Please check regularly for updates. Should you miss the application deadline, no exceptions will be made. The application period usually begins several weeks before the start of the lecture period and ends on Monday in the second week of lectures. 

The review itself usually takes place in the third week of lectures, on Wednesday morning.

Registration form

An active link to the ILIAS registration form will be available here during the registration period.
Click here to access the ILIAS registration form for the inspection of exams taken in the summer term 2018.

post-exam review - procedure

Students of the WiSo-Faculty who are studying under the old exam regulation (PO2007/2008) must present their WiSo-examination id card. Students who commenced their studies in 2015 or later, and from other faculties must present their University of Cologne student id.

With a power of attorney another person can represent a student in an inspection. In that case, the student has to send a signed power of attorney as well as a copy of his/her examination id and his/her photo id at least three working days before the inspection to the institute of political science. The power of attorney has to consist of all relevant information about the representing person (name, adress, email and telephone number, Number of the photo id of the representing person) as well as the declaration of intention to be represented by the third party. The authorized person has to identify him-/herself with a valid photo id. No other students or persons can accompany the student during an inspection. Paper and pen for notes will be provided. It is permitted to use a camera to take photos of exams.

A transformation table of grades and scores can be downloaded here.

Students may request a re-mark of their examination by sending a reasoned explanatory statement to the institute (politik-kontakt[at] within two weeks after the inspection. The respective chair will reply no later than two weeks after the reasoned explanatory statement was received.

See also: Access to examination papers and revision of marks of the WiSo-Faculty