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Dates and Deadlines

Examination registration at the WISO faculty

  • You have to register for an examination either through the website of the WISO-examination office ("WiSo-App", study programmes in the 2007/2008 examination regulation) or KLIPS 2 (study programmes in the examinations regulation 2015). The latest information and deadlines will be announced there as well (WiSo-App bzw. KLIPS 2).
  • For technical reasons, all registrations, deregistrations or changes must be completed prior to the stated deadline. Irrespective of this, deadlines for handing in seminar papers are individually announced by the lecturer.
  • Each student is responsible for his/her own registration. As a consequence of an invalid registration, no participation in the examination is possible. Registration for an examination different from that linked to the course you attend also means that you fail the exam. As a rule, you can only earn credits in a seminar if you are also registered there as a participant. If this is not the case, your examination is graded as 'failed'.

Written examinations organised by the Political Science area

The following table lists all written examinations (Klausuren) organised by the Institute of Political Science. Note that most written examinations at Bachelor level are organised centrally by the Prüfungsamt of the WiSo faculty. For information on (de-)registration deadlines, times and venues of these examinations please refer to the WiSo-App or KLIPS 2. The table is available one week in advance of the exam at the latest.

Inspection of exams

During the registration period, an online registration form will be activated on the page inspection of exams. Registration for the exams of the winter term 2017/2018 will be possible from the beginning of March 2018 until Monday of the second week of lectures. The date of delivery is the ongoing Tuesday and the date of inspection is Wednesday morning in the third week.